Photo & Video services
Our photographer is equipped with all the tools and technology to make a partylook great. He/she will have the latest technology all capable of pumping out the greatest look for your wedding in Santorini.
There are many types of pictures that can be taken throughout the wedding night and what is important is to have a photographer flexible enough to cater to all genres of looks for all types of individuals at the wedding party.
For example, a wedding party will include a bride and groom, the families of the couple, and friends with different age groups so it is imperative that a photographer will be able to provide different types of looks to appeal to everyone at the party and to have different types of pictures.

The filming of your wedding is meticulously planned to ensure that all the main aspects of your day are included in the edited master, providing you with a wonderful high quality recording of your special day. You and your family can re-live these priceless memories for generations to come.

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