Santorini VIP services
Oniro ...

Document's fee's, that means....

- Official translation to the Greek language
- Documents forwarding to the competent town halls office
- Documents proceeding from the Town hall to registrars office
- Marriage certificate receipt from the registrar office
- Official translation (two copies) to the English language

Marriage Certificate will sended by FEDEX or UPS courier to your address

Ceremony location (caldera No 1)

Town's Hall fee

Flowers decoration

- Bride’s bouquet
- Wedding table arrangement
- One buttonhole

Champagne (for two)

Decorated Wedding cake (for two)

Private transportations

- For the Groom and the Bride, to the ceremony location and back, with a A/C luxury car.

Photographer, for one hour and you will receive in DVD 50 photos
(4288 X 2848 pixels)

Recorded music during ceremony

Wedding supervisor
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